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PhD in Economics (2012, AUT, NZL)

Master of Commerce in Economics (2007, USP, FJI)

Postgraduate Diploma in Economics (2006, USP, FJI)

Bachelor of Education in Economics (2004, USP, FJI)


Professor, School of Economics, Auckland University of Technology, 2021 onwards 

Associate Professor, School of Economics, Auckland University of Technology, 2015-2021 

Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Auckland University of Technology, 2012-2015

Lecturer, Department of Economics, Auckland University of Technology, 2010-2012 


Research Associate, Center for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA), Australian National University (ANU), 2014 onwards

Research Associate, New Zealand Center for Macroeconomics, Massey University, 2018 onwards

Senior Research Fellow, Auckland Centre for Financial Research, 2019 onwards


Empirical macroeconomics



Kumar, Saten., Gorodnichenko, Yuriy., and Coibion, Olivier. "The Effect of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Firm Decisions," accepted for publication at EconometricaNBER Working Paper # 30288; CEPR Discussion Paper # 17495; VoxEU. Citations.

Kumar, Saten., and Wesselbaum, Dennis. "Contracts and Firms' Inflation Expectations." accepted for publication at Review of Economics and Statistics. Citations.

Coibion, Olivier., Gorodnichenko, Yuriy., Kumar, Saten., and Ryngaert, Jane. (2021) "Do  You Know That I Know You Know...? Higher Order Beliefs in Survey Data." Quarterly Journal of Economics, 136, pp. 1387-1446. NBER Working Paper # 24987. Citations.

Coibion, Olivier., Gorodnichenko, Yuriy., Kumar, Saten., and Pedemonte, Mathieu. (2020) "Inflation Expectations A Policy Tool?," Journal of International Economics. 124, pp. 1-27. NBER Working Paper # 24788. Citations. (Won the Calvo award 2022 for best paper in international macroeconomics)

Kumar, Saten.(2020) "Firms' Asset Holdings and Inflation Expectations." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 170, pp. 193-205. Citations.

Coibion, Olivier., Gorodnichenko, Yuriy., and Kumar, Saten. (2018) "How Do Firms Form Their Expectations? New Survey Evidence," American Economic Review, 108, pp. 2671-2713. NBER Working Paper # 21092. Citations


Kumar, Saten. (2016) “Is the U.S. Consumer Credit Asymmetric?Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 63, pp.194-216. Citations.


Kumar, Saten., Afrouzi, Hassan., Coibion, Olivier., and Gorodnichenko, Yuriy. (2015) "Inflation Targeting Does Not Anchor Inflation Expectations: Evidence from Firms in New ZealandBrookings Papers on Economic Activity , Fall Issue, pp. 151-225. NBER Working Paper # 21814. Citations.

Paradiso, Antonio., Kumar, Saten., and Margani, Patricia. (2014) “Are Italian Consumer Confidence Adjustments Asymmetric? A Macroeconomic and Psychological Motives Approach,” Journal of Economic Psychology, 43, pp.48-63. Citations.


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